AIDC Mission

The AIDC Committee establishes guidelines for common shipping labels, product marking labels, RFID tagging, product changes and software issuance standards. These common guidelines simplify the receiving, shipping, transportation and tracing of telecommunications products through company and industry business processes and the global supply chain.

The AIDC Committee allows companies the opportunity to participate in a process where:

  • Trading partners develop requirements on an equal basis.
  • There is open-minded, technical discussion that generally does not happen during a typical trading partner meeting.
  • The common goal of the committee represents the best interest of the industry.
  • Members from all sectors of the industry are viewed as equals and have an equal voice in the process.
  • Participation provides broad exposure to technical expertise in the automatic data capture industry.

The following are benefits for AIDC member companies:

  • Developing standardized industry solutions provides the opportunity to reduce costs.
  • Avoid the re-work expense associated with implementing a non-industry solution.
  • Prevent purchasing of data capture equipment or software that is incompatible with developing guidelines.
  • Opportunity to reduce costs in product life cycle by identifying and standardizing new technology for product and package identification.
  • Ability to influence companies operating outside the established industry guidelines.
  • An open forum where common implementation strategies are discussed (which really means, free consulting).
  • A voice in developing processes that are on the leading edge of innovation in the industry.
  • Testing unique solutions to product identification and package labeling applications in a forum with input from multiple trading partners.
  • Learning about new technologies in development which may help improve supply chain processes in the telecommunications industry and their companies.
  • Providing education in the implementation of Automatic Identification solutions (e.g., bar codes, radio frequency identification, smart cards) in the telecommunications industry.