NGIIF Mission

The NGIIF addresses next-generation network interconnection and interoperability issues associated with emerging technologies. Specifically, it develops operational procedures which involve the network aspects of architecture, disaster preparedness, installation, maintenance, management, reliability, routing, security, and testing between network operators. In addition, the NGIIF addresses issues which impact the interconnection of existing and next generation networks and facilitate the transition to emerging technologies.

ATIS Tackles Rural Call Completion

When customers with high terminating access charges in rural areas began to report that incoming callers were unable to reach them, the communications industry quickly responded. Rural call completion was then recognized to not only be a rural service provider issue, but one that concerns the broader industry. ATIS NGIIF members have collaborated with other industry communications providers who serve rural areas to seek a solution to this service issue. Providers closely monitored events and traffic flow where rural customers encountered call completion or call termination issues when placing long distance calls. This collaboration resulted in the NGIIF’s call completion handbook and industry contact directories. These documents can be found on NGIIF’s Rural Call Completion websiteMORE

Access to NGIIF Rural Call Completion Web Page

The rural call completion site is protected to ensure only industry persons have access to the information. If your company is an existing ATIS NGIIF member, you may login using your ATIS username and password. If you are a service provider who is not an ATIS member, please contact us using this form.