NGIIF Contact Directories

Any service provider may request, free-of-charge, access to the Service Provider Contact Directory (SPCD) by completing the Contact Directory Password Request Form and submitting it via email to

Information on the SPCD can be found within the following document: NGIIF CD Entry Instructions.

To submit new information or update an existing company listing, fill out and return the following form to ATIS via email (

Service Provider Contact Directory

The purpose of this document is to provide contact numbers to the communications industry for reporting or passing on trouble reports to interconnecting companies relating to access services. Additionally, in October 2016, robocalling contact information for tracebacks and subpoenas was added to the SPCD. ATIS NGIIF strongly encourages communications companies to provide/update information for the directories. Please complete the attached Service Provider Contact Directory (SPCD) form and submit it to ATIS via email at Information on the SPCD can be found within the following document: NGIIF Contact Directory Entry Instructions.

Service Provider Contact Directory (Password protected)