Brian Daly, AT&T
Francesco Pica, Qualcomm
Carroll Gray-Preston, ATIS

Categorization and 5G KPIs

Burgeoning growth in the IoT ecosystem — in terms of the number of connected devices globally and in total spending on end-point devices and services — is driving a wide range of new uses and requirements on the network infrastructure. Several recent industry initiatives have examined the main features of IoT verticals to better understand the requirements posed by each. This work is instrumental in identifying design features relevant to the standardization of 5G.

Our ongoing study delves into the extensive landscape of 5G applications, encompassing devices, application types, subscription models, technological advancements, and the influence of regulatory and market forces. Our 5G KPI database contains a structured taxonomy to categorize these myriad attributes. This database provides detailed data on various performance indicators, crucial for ensuring the highest quality of service and user experience.

ATIS’ 5G Applications KPI Database

IOT Categorization: Exploring the Need for Standardizing Additional Network Slices (ATIS-I-0000075)