Farrokh Khatibi, Qualcomm


Open Source IoT

IoT services will experience significant growth in the coming decade. To fulfill industry needs a number of IoT-related industry activities have started, with oneM2M being one of the key ones. oneM2M completed Release 1 in 2014, but its adoption rate by the industry has been very low. The availability of open source reference implementations could accelerate the industry adoption of oneM2M specifications. ATIS is a founding partner of oneM2M and provides strategic direction to oneM2M that helps increase adoption rate of its standards.

In September 2017, ATIS released the Open Source Internet of Things (OS-IoT) software library, which is designed to enable IoT app developers to more easily connect their products to the open, interoperable oneM2M ecosystem, reducing time-to-market and barriers to entry.

The OS-IoT library provides device-side (i.e. Application Entity in oneM2M terminology) support for fundamental oneM2M network and protocol functions, allowing application developers to interact with the system over a resource-oriented API. This frees developers to focus instead on the unique, value-added, aspects of their application. Learn more about the OS-IoT project at https://www.os-iot.org.